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Episode 9 – What is Urtiin Duu, Long Song?

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Website of Dorjdagva Myagmarsuren

If you are interested in ordering a painting from the Artist Norovsambu Baatartsog, know that he is a partner of the UUGUUL community and I can help you get in touch with him (if ever you don’t speak Mongolian).
You can find him on Facebook here.

Archived pictures are part of “Preservation through digitisation of rare photographic negatives from Mongolia (EAP264)”

About Byambyn Rinchen:
Byambyn Rinchen
Бямбын Ринчен

About Melismatic Music

Picture of celebration © Sonom-Ish Yundenbat

Picture of Horse Branding © J.Bat-Ireedui

Picture of Tibetan Music Notation

Picture of Shiliin Gol Province (map)

Urtiin Duu inscription – UNESCO

Some examples of Urtiin Duu


Ertnii saikhan
Khuurhun Haliun
Seruun saihan hangai


Tumen ekh
Khuur magnai
Erkhem tur
Olomgui dalai


Tegsh tavan husel
Durtmal saikhan


Huduu shil​


Toroi Bandi
Jaahan Sharga