Seeking Times Past – Disc 1

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Recordings of 7 Bii, on “IKKEL” Morin Huur, with 432Hz tuning.

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Greetings folks!

You will find in this pack (Digital Download – 16bit 44.1Hz), 7 recordings of Ancestral Mongolian Bii (Biyelgee) -Бий (Биелгээ)- which are melodies that accompany traditional dances.
It is recorded with a 432Hz tuning, on a skinned box Morin Huur or “IKKEL” Morin Huur.

Here is the list:

Bayd: Elkendeg – (Баяд: Элкэндэг) – 2:29
Bayd: Morgol – (Баяд: Мөргөл) – 2:57
Bayd: Satsal – (Баяд: Сацал) – 1:21
Hoton: Ih Tatlaga – (Хотон: Их Татлага) – 2:46
Hoton: Takmo – (Хотон: Такмо) – 1:38
Urianhai: Morgol – (Урианхай: Мөргөл) – 1:45
Urianhai: Satsal – (Урианхай: Сацал) – 1:33

Bayd, Hoton, Urianhai are tribes from the west of Mongolia which are rich of ancestral culture and traditions.

Satsal” is gesture, usually made by women, that consist in sprinkling with milk or milk tea in 4 directions (South, West, North, East, and South again) while recitating a poem or a blessing. It is also to attract good omen on the family, the herd and the surrounding nature.
Elkendeg” is considered, by the Bayd tribe, to be the “men’s” version of the “Satsal“.
Morgol” is a kind of “ritual” or “prayer”. It is usually showing respect to the spirits and it can be, like the “Satsal” showed in 4 directions (South, West, North, East, and South again).
Ih Tatlaga” is a very famous melody which is played while the dancer is showing the movement representing the three games of men (Archery, Horse riding, Wrestling).
Takmo” is considered, by the Hoton people, to be a convergence between the “Morgol” and “Satsal“.

Happy Listening!


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