Oyun Tulhuur by Altantuya Battulga – Mongol Script Self-Learning Book

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Self-learning method of Mongol script and calligraphy created by
the artist and calligrapher Altantuya Battulga.
This method is divided into 30 practices which will help you learn Mongol language and calligraphy.

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Self-learning method, “Oyun Tulhuur”, of Mongol script and calligraphy created by the artist and calligrapher, Altantuya Battulga.
She also supports and contributes to the UUGUUL adventure.

This book (in Mongol script and cyrillic) will allow you to learn the different characters and see new grammar rules everyday for a full month.
The method is divided into 30 practices composed of a writting part, a grammar rule and a Mongol bichig to cyrillic transcription part. This book is also embellished with numerous calligraphies made by Altantuya Battulga herself and which will give you inspiration to create your own pieces of art.

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Dimensions 1,6 × 17,8 × 25,2 cm

2 reviews for Oyun Tulhuur by Altantuya Battulga – Mongol Script Self-Learning Book

  1. guillaume.gaillard (verified owner)

    Very happy to receive this book at home even all thoose covid troubles.
    Steve have making a great package, everything is nicely protected.
    Thanks to him to have made many travels to the post office to send me it as soon as possible.
    The book is really nice, there is no english inside, only mongolian language, so you have to be aware of it.
    Tips : Google translate on a smartphone with using the camera can do some translation for us .

  2. sander.schoonbeek (verified owner)

    Beautiful book, and definitely worth it for the cost even if you can’t read the language. Would love to see a version with English explanation though.

    Steve did everything he could to get the book to me as fast as possible for as cheap as possible and I am certain he will treat any item from his web shop the same so I cannot recommend him enough!

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