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“Övgön buurain süyeger” (The wise words of a white haired forefather) is the first album of Steve E. Morel. It includes 15 tracks for a duration of 70mn. It is deeply inspired by his experience in Mongolia since 2014. All melody were composed on and for the traditional Mongol instrument “Ikel”. The intention behind this album is to give to the listener a feeling of proximity, as if the music was played just beside, maybe around a fire, without any artifice, simply the instrument, by itself. This album also wishes to create a space in which one may meditate, or even dance in the rhythm inspired by the bii.
Each of the melodies expresses a chapter of a story that begins at the end of autumn until the arrival of spring. By going through this story you will be able to relive one’s memory of a journey in Mongolia.

You can have a taste of the story behind the music on this page.


  1. Тамлага /Tamlaga/– Invocation
  2. Сохор элээний ширтэлт /Sokhor eleenii shirtelt/ – The gaze of the sightless black kite
  3. Эрчимт голын харгиа /Erchimt goliin khargia/ – The flow of the lively river
  4. Гуринх эх чоно /Gurinkh ekh chono/ – The ravenous mother wolf
  5. Хиа дөнөн буга /Khia dönön buga/ – The four-year-old red deer scout
  6. Модноо дүүлэх хэрэм /Modnoo düülekh kherem/ – The hopping squirrel in the wood
  7. Үүлэн чөлөөний наран /Üülen chölöönii naran/ – The gleaming sun within the interstice of clouds
  8. Цөхөрсөн онгодын аяглал /Tsökhörsön ongodiin ayaglal/ – The tantrum of the dejected spirit
  9. Хөх хомоолын май /Khökh khomooliin mai/ – The whirlwind of the khomool’s smoke
  10. Уулын савдгийг аргадахуй /Uuliin savdgiig argadakhui/ – The soothing of the mountain’s guardian spirit
  11. Гэнэн майга бор /Genen maiga bor/ – The ingenuous bow legged bear
  12. Бэлгэт зарааны мөрөөр /Belget zaraanii möröör/ – The path of the hedgehog of good omen
  13. Хайрханы сүлд ирвэс /Khairkhanii süld irves/ – The majestic snow leopard of the Khairkhan
  14. Урин ханш нээхүй /Urin khansh neekhüi/ – The rejuvenation of the spring
  15. Мордох /Mordokh/ – Departure

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  • The 15 tracks in lossless WAV format 24bit, 48khz.
  • The 15 tracks in MP3 format 320kbps.

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