Learn About the Tovshuur and the Khadag

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This course contains 2 videos, adding up to over 40 minutes of content. It will cover knowledge related to the musical instrument Tovshuur as well as the ritual blue scarf, Khadag.



This course contains 2 videos, adding up to over 40 minutes of content.

It covers various subjects such as the symbolism behind the Tovshuur as well as more general information about the instrument, the different kind of khadag, their ancient form as well as how to use them to greet someone.
It also includes a glossary for the Mongol words used in the videos, as well as extra information, links and pictures to help you understand the course better and in a wider manner.

What you will learn

  • The presentation of the Tovshuur.
  • The symbolism behind the Tovshuur.
  • The traditional playing of the Tovshuur.
  • The purpose of the Tovshuur.
  • Some additional information about the Tuuli, or Mongol epic.
  • Information about the offering spoon used by the Mongols.
  • The meaning of the 5 colours of the khadag.
  • How to use the khadag to greet people.
  • The original form of the Mongol khadag.
  • The reason behind having a khadag on a Morin Khuur or a Tovshuur.
  • A tradition related to puting khadag on the mane of horses.

You will also have the opportunity to check your knowledge thought some quizzes along the way.

Find the main page of the course here.

1 review for Learn About the Tovshuur and the Khadag

  1. InigoMontoya (verified owner)

    There’s a lot of information packed into the videos. He explains it very well, and you can feel how deeply knowledgeable he is about the Towshuur and Khadag given how well (and succinctly) he conveys everything to us.
    The information in his videos is second-to-none, and I feel the only way to get a better grasps on it would be to travel to Mongolia myself to actually see and experience it all first-hand.

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