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Unique Calligraphy of the words Family – Hearth accompanied with a poem, handwritten by STEVE MOREL.

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Unique Calligraphy of the words Hearth accompanied with a poem and a “hearth”, handwritten by STEVE MOREL.

The Gal Golomt represents the fire that passes from generation to generation within a family. It is given by the father to his son during a ritual, when the son gets married and builds his own hearth. Hence the words are considered a very good omen for young married people, and are usually offered to the couple at their wedding. Gal Golomt also carries some other meanings in Mongolian’s culture such as lineage, ancestry, the family, and the home. It is also the hearth, the place where the fire burns in a ger. It is believed that in this fire dwells the spirit of the family’s ancestors.

Гал Голомт

Хаан эцгийн тань цахиж асаасан
Хатан эхийн тань үлээж хөгжөөсөн
Хамаг Монгол даяар өртөөлөн авчирсан
Халуун гал голомтоо бадрааж яваарай

Gal Golomt – Hearth

Your forefather lit the flame of your lineage by striking a spark.
Your foremother enlivened your fire by blowing her love.
Mongolians have imparted and received their own…
May your hearth be warm and prosperous.

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Stock :
As the calligraphy is unique, if it is out of stock don’t worry, you can contact me directly here to get a new and fresh one.
I will be happy to present you with few examples of inspiring proverbs, poems, or even great meaningful words as well as discuss the different options of paper, format and decoration. It is also an opportunity to get a fully custom calligraphy for your home or for a gift!

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This calligraphy will be wrapped in soft paper, then in hard cardboard.
The shipping (included in the price) is processed by the Mongolian post. Your order will usually be treated in 24-48 hours and the shipping take between 2 to 3 weeks.
If you want an express delivery (DHL) please contact us directly, as the rate vary depending on the order and dollar currency.

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Note that it’s also possible to make the payment through an offline service like Money Gramm, Western Union, or a direct bank transfer. If you wish to use this alternative just contact me directly without making the order on the shop.

Anyway if you have any issue or doubt, please contact me so we can discuss the best option for you.

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Dimensions 33,7 × 17,2 × 0,4 cm





Acrylic paint, Cardboard, Golden paint, Ink, Paper, Seal's oil, Wood


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