Fundamentals of the Morin Khuur

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This course contains 23 videos, adding up to over 3 hours of content, and covers all the fundamental knowledge that will get you started with your Morin Khuur learning.



This course contains 23 videos, adding up to over 3 hours of content.

It covers various subjects such as symbolism, spirituality, traditions, worship, history, folklore as well as more practical topics such as maintenance (change the strings, set up the sound post, …), playing position, or structure of your practice.
It also includes a glossary for the Mongol words used in the videos, as well as extra information, PDFs, links and pictures to help you understand the course deeper and better.

What you will learn

  • The physical origin of the Ikel and the Morin Khuur.
  • The differences between the Ikel and the Morin Khuur.
  • The meanings of the words Ikel and Morin Khuur.
  • The legend of the Morin KhuurKhukhuu Namjil.
  • The legend of the Ikel related to the tatlaga Uruultei Sharga.
  • The various types of material used to make a Morin Khuur.
  • The various types of head that can be sculpted on the Morin Khuur as well as their meaning.
  • The various types of bows from the most ancient one to the most modern.
  • How to set up and change the strings as well as their composition.
  • How to take off, set up and adjust the sound post.
  • The utility of the finger nails.
  • The tuning of the instrument.
  • The maintenance of the instrument.
  • How to dismantle the instrument.
  • The various parts that compose the instrument.
  • The various types of rosin.
  • How to use and apply the rosin.
  • How to set up a mute.
  • About the wolf notes and how to fix them.
  • How to fix weird sounds that you might get on the Morin Khuur.
  • How to hold the instrument and have a good body position while playing.
  • How to set marks on the instrument to help your practice.
  • How to structure your practice to learn in an efficient way.
  • How to avoid or solve the most common mistakes.

You will also have the opportunity to check your knowledge thought some quizzes along the way.

Find the main page of the course here.

Also note that this course is part of our CORE KNOWLEDGE BUNDLE.

2 reviews for Fundamentals of the Morin Khuur

  1. meisterfrown (verified owner)

    This set of lessons gives an overview behind the history of the instrument, provides some maintenance tips and how to avoid common mistakes. If I had this when I first started learning I could’ve avoided some issues regarding bow holding, using rosin, posture, etc. I don’t know of any other online resource in English to learn the morin khuur and Steve’s passion for the Mongolian culture is very much apparent in these videos. If you are first starting out with the morin khuur I would recommend watching these videos together with the free “Into the Morin Khuur” lessons.

  2. ShiroiOkami (verified owner)

    An absolutely great course. Lots of background information on the instrument, the traditions behind it, and so much more. As far as playing the instrument there are lots of tips and tricks to help get you started on the right path, and amazing detail on the maintenance and care of the instrument. Don’t expect a lot of playing exercises here – those are later on, but I cannot recommend this enough as a great place to start after the free “Into the Morin Khurr” course. Essential information as well as fascinating history! A+!

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