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Here is my first music EP ready to download.
Full description below.



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This EP include three songs that you can hear on my Soundcloud.

– Bayanhongor Jonon
– Ulemjiin Chanar
– Builgan Shariin Yawdal – Onchin Tsagaan Botgo

Description for each songs:

Bayanhongor Jonon

  1. This song is a praise of the horse coming from the Bayanhongor aimag of Mongolia.
    The main rhythm mimic the sound of the horse, and the harmonic whistling are like the wind that we hear in our ears while galloping.

Ulemjiin Chanar

  1. Ulemjiin Chanar is a Mongolian folk song composed by D. Danzanravjaa (1803–1856) at his meditation center in the Gobi Desert.
    The song praises the beauty of a Mongolian woman and is one of the most well known and popular folk songs in Mongolia.
    It is still said that singing the song completely (5 paragraph) with all one’s heart produces merit equivalent to reciting ten thousand Tara Ekh tantric prayers, because of its mystic qualities.
    The lyrics evolved quite a lot since the first writing of this songs and there is multiple variations of the words that are sang!
    Here I play two part of the melody only on Morin Huur, the first part is usually how it’s played to accompany a singer, and the second part is a bit more rich and is usually played as a Morin Huur solo.
    This second part was originally played by G. Jamiyan.

Builgan Shariin Yawdal – Onchin Tsagaan Botgo

  1. This piece “Builgan Shariin Yawdal” is a Tatlaga about a camel, describing its galloping sound and as well as its moan when carrying heavy load on his back.
    In the middle of the song is a “long song” part, called “Onchin Tsagaan Botgo”, which comes from a very well known folk tale “The White Orphaned Baby Camel”. This long song is basically about the separation of a mother camel and her baby.
    Also usually to coax the mother camel after freshly giving birth, we usually play a long song, and it’s very often this melody that is played! :)
    I also want to add that I play this tatlaga in a “soft” way to mimic the movement a bit bold of the camel, as well as the soft sand touch of the desert.


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