Unique Calligraphy of the word Cairn with its ritual words, handwritten.

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Unique Calligraphy of the word Cairn with its ritual words, handwritten.
The Owoo are stone cairns that can be spotted all over Mongolian territory. We can see some in the cities, but most of them are found in the countryside. In Mongolia, the land is divided into small areas, each protected by its own guardian spirit (savdag -савдаг- for the earth and mountain and lus -лус- for the river and water). Usually found in the center of these areas, the Owoo are used as shrines to the local guardian spirits, and to delimit specific regions or properties.

The verses are recited to pay respect to the spirits and are spoken in pairs while circling the Owoo three times. The first pair being said in the first cycle, the second in the next, and the third in the last cycle. To honor the guardian spirit, three stones, milk, or other dairy products are offered to the Owoo. The “we” refers to the person present while reciting the “prayer”.


Овооны их нь таньдаа
Олзны их нь маньдаа
Өлийн их нь таньдаа
Өлзийн их нь маньдаа
Хийморийн их нь таньдаа
Хишигийн их нь маньдаа


May the most revered of the Owoo be yours
And may we be blessed with wealth
May the pinnacle of the hill be yours
And may we be blessed with good luck
May the auspicious fortune be yours
And may we be blessed with favours

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As the calligraphy is unique, if it is out of stock don’t worry, you can contact me directly here to get a new and fresh one.
I will be happy to present you with few examples of inspiring proverbs, poems, or even great meaningful words as well as discuss the different options of paper, format and decoration. It is also an opportunity to get a fully custom calligraphy for your home or for a gift!

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This calligraphy will be wrapped in soft paper, then in hard cardboard.
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Anyway if you have any issue or doubt, please contact me so we can discuss the best option for you.

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Dimensions 32 × 18,1 × 0,4 cm





Cardboard, Golden paint, Golden paper, High quality paper, Ink, Wood


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