Order a Mongol Deel or Outfit

Are you looking for
a trustworthy and human way
to get a Mongol Outfit?

The outfit is usually composed of a deel, a belt, a hat and a pair of boots.

Well you definitely knocked on the right door because I can make your dream come true by shipping you the outfit that you need directly from Mongolia!

I have been passionate about Mongol culture since 2013 and did my best to spread it! It is always with great pleasure that I help people get information or goods from Mongolia.

Here is a breakdown of the cost for a full Mongol outfit:

Deel (for adult) – starting at 300.000₮ ~ 90€
Belt – starting at 50.000₮ ~ 15€
Hat – starting at 30.000₮ ~ 9€
Boots – starting at 95.000₮ ~ 30€

The shipping cost is usually around 350.000₮ ~ 110€
As a commission for my help, follow-up, assistance and advices, I ask for an extra 75€ (or more if you wish to support what I do).

This would bring us to a total of 329€ for a full Mongol outfit (including shipping).

nb: These prices are for a regular size as well as materials. Of course it is possible to aim for better materials or different design depending on your budget and what you are looking for! We can talk about all that directly!
Also note that depending on your location you might have to pay extra custom taxes.


Below some pictures of different materials, hats and boots.

How to proceed?

  • The first step is to get in touch with me.
  • Once there we can discuss your budget as well as your measurements and the type of outfit that you wish to acquire.
  • I will then be able to search, check, and propose you the materials available that would fit your requirements.
  • You choose and validate the materials.
  • I give you the final price for your order.
  • You transfer the money via MoneyGramm or a SWIFT Transfer (equivalent of IBAN).
    (Other options are not available)
  • After reception of your payment, I will pack the outfit carefully in a water proof way.
  • Two weeks later, you will enjoy your new Mongol outfit!

Also note that ordering an instruments through the UUGUUL website AND joining the Discord community will give you the right of a 30% DISCOUNT on all our courses.



Read below, some testimonial of customers!

Lucas Vertesi

Romainmotier – SWITZERLAND
Received his boots and Morin Huur bow on April 24, 2021

I was looking for a new bow for my Morin Khuur and also wanted to start an outfit, so I ordered a pair of boots and a traditionnal bow. 
Steve really took time to explain me the differences between the bows, showed me many types of boots that were available, and was really nice and helpful. 
The package was perfectly packed. Everything was safe and put in the box with great care. 
I will definitely take the next parts of the outfit at Steve’s shop!

Hilal Qureshi

Received his outfit and Morin Huur on March 31, 2021

“I have followed Steve for some time now, watching with great interest his videos (and videos of him) on the Mongol art and culture. I decided rather quickly I would like to purchase a Deel and a Morin Huur, and after some time and healthy patience, approached Steve. I was aware of others selling the instrument and the clothing, but Steve’s site and approach struck me as far more personal and real. The process was quick and simple, and he made his way to the markets to pick up everything.
The deel we found was a real great deal!

The quality of the instrument and the deel is incredible, and even better for the price. Steve is upfront about costs and even saved me a good amount of money by suggesting I package the instrument and the clothes together. This, which saved money on shipping, actually meant Steve would make less on his own commission. A more honest businessman you cannot find!

I’m really glad with everything I’ve received. The deel is thick enough to keep me warm here in the UK, but not so thick to become heavy or cause me to get too hot. I plan to wear it as regularly as I can. The instrument I’ll start playing right away, returning to Steve’s ‘Into the Morin Huur’ series.

If I’m in need of anything else from Mongolia, I’ll be going through Steve again!”

Robert Hurt

New Matamoras, Ohio – UNITED STATES
Received his outfit on August 28, 2020

“Steve did a great job packing and sending everything with care! He also obtained precise measurements and took a lot of time to make sure the process was completed with dedication.
His reliability ensured that the deel and the rest of the clothing was sent in a perfect manner.
I would definitely recommend Steve to anyone desiring to purchase a completed deel outfit!”