Museum of the 13th Century, in Erdene Sum

Here find some pictures taken during a cultural day trip in the Museum of the 13th Century. We went with the language school Prime Bridge as part of the language practice and learning of the culture. It is located in Erdene sum around 80km from Ulaanbaatar.
The area is rich with great landscapes, ancestral ger and clothes! We visited the area for artists and craftsmen, the ger of sciences and education, the ger of the General of the Army, the King ger as well as some different ethnic groups’ Shaman dwelling.
This day was very instructive and rich with great memories. It is always a great joy to visit the countryside as it is undeniably mind blowing and spiritualy rejuvenating.

With my three teachers and the rest of the students

Entering the Museum and starting with the ger of the General

The chair of the General

We could also wear armour from the Mongolian army

The fireplace of the ger

An avdar -Авдар- or chest

The svld -сүлд- or ancient banner of Mongol Empire.

It is composed of 81 strands of white horse hair for the times of peace or of black hair used during the times of war. The length of each strands is usually 81cm.

The toono -тооно- or upper frame of ger of the general

Wide view of the King’s ger

Before the ger stand 11 banners on each sides representing different clans

The door of ger

Detail of the handle of the door

In front of the ger with winter outfit

The view from the entrance of the king’s ger

Inside the King’s ger I played a piece on Morin Huur to please the different persons present

And sit on the King’s throne

On the side was a very well preserved and stuffed eagle

Now in the toono -тооно- or upper frame of the sciences and education ger

A very detailled carved box

A chess set

A three headed ancient Morin Huur

The area of the craftsmen

Inside the craftsman’s ger

Walking to a watchtower

View from the watchtower

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