Making a Morin Khuur From A to Z

I’m very happy to share with you the pictures of the process of my first attempt to make a Morin Khuur. I started the 26th of November 2014 and finished on the 17th of January 2015. It was deeply passionating to see how the wood turns into an instrument!

The body of the instrument actually ended up being closer to the Inner Mongol version. Mostly because of the depth of the box as well as the design of the “F-Hole”. The design I chose for the F-Hole was inspired by the eyes of wolves as well as the shape of swan. Both animals being important to the Mongol folklore.
You might be looking here at one of the first, if not the first French Morin Khuur (laugh).

NB: I was so excited to start that I didn’t think about taking picture of the very first steps. Sorry about that!

Drawing and Carving the decoration of the body

Preparation, measurement and sanding of the front and back of the box

Setting up the tuning wood of the harmony table

Putting the box all together

Gluing the fingerboard, adjusting and sanding the neck

Beginning of the head carving

Setting up the head on the neck and first step of sanding

Carving de detail of the head

Making of the pegs

Finished instrument

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