Morin Khuur

Welcome to your journey Into the Morin Khuur.

Learning how to play the Morin Khuur can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be difficult to know where to start. That is why Uuguul is the best place to learn the traditional music of the Morin Khuur.

So far we provide:

~16 hours of knowledge related to the Morin Khuur within ~95 videos through our courses.

1-1 Coaching

Connect with our coach for a quick question, all within the website itself! Ask your coach anything about the morin khuur. It is like having your own personnalised morin khuur teacher!

Detailed and well-structured lessons

Our lessons are created through years of experience to answer all your questions. It offers bite-sized lessons for beginners up to expert-level players.

The power of community

It is always more motivating to learn with like-minded musicians. Use our community to share your experience in order to push your learning to the next level.

Check out our detailed guide to study morin khuur

Learn the Morin Khuur Easily

If you have wanted to learn how to play the morin khuur, but you thought it was out of your reach then think again.

With the help of the Uuguul courses, now is the perfect time to start learning.

There is no need to feel overwhelmed when learning how to play the morin khuur. The Uuguul courses make it easy and convenient for you to learn, even if you are short in time. Our lessons are bite-sized and well-structure, so you can easily fit them into your busy schedule.

If you don’t have a morin khuur yet, we can help you make your dream come true and ship you a morin khuur directly from Mongolia.
Learn how to get your own morin khuur here.

Step by Step Courses

Access our collection of detailed courses on a variety of topics that will help you learn morin khuur and take you and your playing to the next level.

Our lessons are designed for adult beginners.

We begin by teaching you the fundamentals as well as the background and origin of the morin khuur, and then we move forward by seeing all the various techniques available on the morin khuur to prepare you to learn tatlaga, bii and urtiin duu.
We also add new melody on a monthly basis.

Everything you will need to become a fantastic player is included! All it takes is ten minutes each day.

Check out our detailed guide to study morin khuur

Why You Will Love Learning With Uuguul

If you are looking for the best way to learn the morin khuur, you have found it right here within Uuguul.


Learn all the skills and playing techniques needed to play the morin khuur.

Eliminate Mistakes

Learn the mistakes most morin khuurch make, and how to avoid them.

Practice Tips

Why practicing 10 hours a day will not make you a better morin khuurch and what to do instead.

Play songs

Learn the traditional melodies of the morin khuur in only few days.


Learn about the philosophy hidden behind traditional melodies and ancestral lyrics.

Cultural Content

Explore the background and the overall culture of Mongolia by accessing our songs and poems explanation and translations.


Never feel alone or lost again! Our coach feature allow you to receive personalised guidance.

To provide even more to our students we use DISCORD as a community feature to answer to your questions. You can simply join our DISCORD and ask your question or a feedback on your playing in the specific channels and receive a response in minutes!
Our coach and our community of members will be able to help you with any aspect of your learning, such as techniques, songs, practicing habits, culture knowledge, and more!

Learn more about our DISCORD community here

Explore Our Morin Khuur Courses

Into the Morin Khuur is a summarized and condensed course created in order to give a general introduction to the Morin Khuur to a broad audience. It was originally a Youtube show first released in May 2020. It is now a 100% FREE option to get started with the Morin Khuur.

For a more detailed and in-depth learning, explore our paid course below or follow our study plan.

Happy practice and have fun!