Language Roadmap

Welcome to the Mongol language learning roadmap

You can find below the details of all the chapters and lessons included in our courses. Each content are linkable and redirect to the related lessons.

If you start from zero we would recommend you to follow the roadmap in the presented order, as it goes from the most basic and common used elements of the language to the most advanced and less used.
Also note that we wish for this roadmap to be considered as an open tool box that would provide you keys to understand the language rather than a rigid language learning path or method. Feel free to come back and explore within the different chapters and lessons according to your needs.

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INTRO – About the Mongol Cyrillic


1.1. Presentation
1.2. The Alphabet
___1.2.1. Vowels
______1.2.1.1. Strong (back or masculine) vowels
______1.2.1.2. Weak (front or feminine) vowels
______1.2.1.3. Neutral vowels
___1.2.2. Consonants
______1.2.2.1. Vocalized consonants
______1.2.2.2. Non-vocalized consonants
______1.2.2.3. Particular consonants
1.3. The Pronunciation of the letters
___1.3.1. The Pronunciation of single vowels
___1.3.2. The Pronunciation of long vowels and diphthongs
___1.3.3. The Pronunciation of the letter “Н” (n)
___1.3.4. The Pronunciation of the letter Г, X
___1.3.5. The Pronunciation of the signs “ь” and “ъ”
___1.3.6. The Pronunciation of the sign “ь” or the letter “и”
1.4. Rule of the vowel harmony