Welcome to your learning journey into the Morin Khuur, the Mongol language and the Mongol culture.


About Your Instructor

Steve E. Morel is a French artist, researcher and musician, based in Mongolia since 2014.
He has been exploring Mongol folklore, calligraphy, and ancestral philosophy.

He started to share about Mongol culture and teach Morin Khuur in 2016 through Youtube videos.

He graduated from the University of Ulaanbaatar as Master in Mongol Studies (Master Degree) in 2022 and the Choi. Lubsanjab University of Language and Civilization as specialist in Mongol Language and Literature (Bachelor of Arts) in 2020.

The UUGUUL DISCORD Community was created in order to share our passion all together.
We wish for this server to be as constructive as possible and to be a great source of knowledge for any person who want to learn more about the Ancestral Mongolian Arts and Culture.

Here are some of the features the community has to offer:

  • Share your passion for the Morin Khuur, language, singing, and more with others passionate and enthusiasts people.
  • Converse with the community about history, language, music or others subjects.
  • Discover new world and ancestral arts and cultures.
  • Discuss in a more relaxed way with other UUGUUL Enthusiasts or Customers in the restricted Community area.
  • Get a 10% discount for all our courses.

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As a passionate about the Morin Khuur and Mongol culture in general, I simply enjoy sharing what I know and what I learned, spending a lot of time learning and asking around about this instrument and its ancestral heritage. These courses are the fruit of my research and time spent with various Mentors, sometime by myself with recordings or archives and sometime from my own intuition.

I hope and wish for the content of this website to help people who share the same passion!

So please considerate what I share carefully and feel free to explore on your own!
NB: Please accept my apologies for my poor English, as a French I really do my best.