In the Dunjingaraw Mountain

Here are some pictures of my last hiking, this time off-trail, in the sacred mountain “Dunjingaraw“, located in the south of Ulaanbaatar – Mongolia.
The following photographs are listed chronologically in order to make you discover the beauty of this hike the same way as I experienced it!
I hope that you will enjoy!

It started at 7:30am

Larix sibirica or Siberian larch (Шинэс)

Short pause before reaching the first peek

Amblynotus rupestris or Eritrichium nanum (Arctic alpine forget-me-not or king-of-the-Alps)

Genus Pulsatilla or Pasqueflower (Яргуй Бунгуйн)

Iris tigridia (Бар цоохор цахилдаг)

Reaching the top of the first peek

There showing gratitude and respect to the mountain.

Making some offering to the spirit to have a safe trip, as from this point it will be off-trail

Rheum rhabarbarum or Rhubarb (Долгиотсон гишүүнэ)

Orostachys malacophylla or Green Dunce Cap (Үлд өвс)

Genus Opatrum – Tribe Blaptini or Beetle

Looks like a deer’s footprint

Entering now in a new area

Found a stream


The water looks so pretty

It seems like a Angelica archangelica or Wild celery

Detail of bark

Fomes fomentarius or Hoof Fungus

Now starting to climb up to the target peek

Make a wish

Wood’s eye

Inside a trunk

Like a flying eagle

Not at the top yet

Finally reaching the top

And warmly welcomed there by a Nucifraga caryocatactes (Eurasian nutcracker, or spotted nutcracker)

Exploring the top

But before going to far, let us have some lunch

Another Fomes fomentarius or Hoof Fungus

This tree looks like a flying dragon

Nice resting spot

Walking on the mountain ridge

Relishing the great weather, the view and this majestic area

It is slowly time to go back

Is this a pelican or a pterodactylus?

Touched by a short rain while going down

But the sun came back pretty quickly

A last good bye to the stream

I received an amazing gift from the mountain, a young deer antler

Last climb

It was a long hike within the wood

And another find, a vulture’s feather

Until next time, my dear Dunjingaraw

I hope that you enjoy this hike as much as I did!
And see you soon for a new travel journal!

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