Demonstration of Calligraphy with Oyunpurev Nyam-Ochir

I had the opportunity to perform during a calligraphy exhibition with Oyunpurev Nyam-Ochir. It was organised by Bichig Soyol in the Art Center for Youth in Ulaanbaatar. The goal was to show a calligraphy performance to young generations.

The intention was to inspire young generations to get back into calligraphy and into the Mongolian traditional script by showing a LIVE performance by a Master of calligraphy and a foreigner.
This event was very well recieved and we had a lot of fun and laughs and after the performance we wrote a lot of children’s names as a present and a sign of gratitude for their presence and enthusiasm!

With the artist Oyunpurev Nyam-Ochir

During the opening ceremony, I also performed a song on Morin Huur
to bring good fortune to the event

During the calligraphy performance

And a final touch with a stamp

Friendly gesture to celebrate the end of the performance

With the artist and calligraphy master Oyunpurev Nyam-Ochir and
the founder of Bichig Soyol Dagviin Ganbaatar

Someone actually captured the performance, so find it below if you wish to watch it
(sorry about the format, camera movement and all)

Souvenir picture of the event

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