How to Play Harmonics + Thumb Playing + Fourth Octave

This course contains 4 videos, adding up to one hour of content, and covers all the knowledge that you will need to be able to play natural, artificial harmonics and the fourth octave on the Morin Khuur, as well as and play with the thumb.

Welcome to this course in which you will learn how to play natural and artificial harmonic on the Morin Khuur. In addition you will also see how to play the fourth octave and how to play with the thumb.

This course contains 4 videos, adding up to one hour of content.

It contains detailed information and demonstrations to give you all the knowledge that you will need in order to play natural and artificial harmonics on the Morin Khuur. It will also give you information on the thumb playing technique as well as the fourth octave of the instrument (artificial harmonics), which is mostly used in modern composition.
This course marks the first step into the techniques used for traditional melodies such as tatlaga and urtiin duu and will prepare the base for the set of traditional techniques that we will be included in the next courses.

What you will learn

Detailed explanation of the natural and artificial harmonics.

  • How to play natural harmonics.
  • Proper use of the bow to get the best harmonics’ sound.
  • Holding harmonics even after taking off the finger.
  • Proper way to find the right position for the harmonics.
  • How to play artificial harmonics.
  • Fourth octave of the instrument.
  • Proper thumb position for thumb playing technique.
  • Playing the Zee or Altan golch.
  • Double string harmonics.
  • Some additional information and mongol vocabulary for traditional techniques (tsokhilt, tsokhilgo, isgeree, siiguulekh).

This course includes a set of various tips and advices instead of the usual practice exercises. This will give you a more personal path of exploration in order to get the right touch and feel for your playing.
Note that the videos include chapters which will allow you to replay the various exercises in order to learn at your own pace and deepen your understanding of the practice.

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons