Why Contribute?

Contribute to support an unusual adventure within
an extraordinary culture.

In order to pursue this life’s purpose around the Morin Khuur, the Mongol culture and its traditions, UUGUUL need your support!
I want to honour this culture and make it accessible for as many people as possible. Indeed, more and more of you are touched by this culture and its magic.
As someone who have been deeply moved by Mongolia and its music, up to the point to do a total life changing experience, I feel that it is my duty to help other experience this “life switch”.

After all, “Happiness is only real when shared.”

Christopher McCandless

Find below the different ideas that
your contribution will support

  • Translate and transpose urtiin duu (long song), magtaal (praise) and legends.
  • Get deeper into the ancestral and original style of the Morin Khuur.
  • Create videos to share about the Morin Khuur philosophy and its repertoire.
  • Animate the DISCORD community and spread more information and knowledge.
  • Search hidden melodies and lyrics in the countryside and in archives.
  • Record and release music anthology (Digital download).
  • Build a recognition around the Mongol culture.
  • Travel the world to talk about ancestral culture.

NB: In a more practical way, your contribution will help supporting the persons that works for UUGUUL pro bono, by creating content and sharing information. It will also help financing a part of the hosting (and hosting related cost) of the UUGUUL website which is currently costing around 1000€ a year.

Culture is a human right, just like water, peace, freedom or fresh air…

It should be available to anyone freely, openly and be shared in an act of kindness and selflessness just as our grandparents shared with us their knowledge and experiences.
For this reason I believe that open-hearted charity is the right way to go.

By contributing, you are taking part in this beautiful synergy! Your effort will benefit the culture, the Mongols who wish to reconnect with their own heritage and the Foreigners willing to dive into an unknown culture.

Every penny will go toward the achievement of this cultural preservation.
Researching, recording more music, creating more videos and translating more pieces!

Do you feel inspired to support and become part of this journey?

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I’m really grateful that you gave your time in order to familiarize yourself with this life’s purpose and I deeply thank you for your attention! I am totally excited to get further and deeper in this adventure, possible only with your help!
So let’s get on the road together and achieve some great things!