UUGUUL Community

The UUGUUL Community is a feature that provide support to the UUGUUL members in their learning.
It is for people from all over the world who wish to expand their knowledge around the Ancestral Arts and Culture of Mongolia, the main topic being the National Mongol instrument, Morin Khuur.

In order to provide support, help and a more direct connection to our courses’ enthusiast, we decided to add the community feature to our website. We want people to feel warm and welcome here.

What is the Community?

The Community take the form as a forum. It is divided in groups related to topics in which there are various discussions. In those discussions members can share their practice, ask for clarification on the courses, or just for general information. This allow us to have interaction, exchange and conversation all within the same platform. The UUGUUL Website (soon to become an app).

Note that this area of the website is only for the people who follow our course and that its purpose is to assist into their learning. For more casual conversation you may consider joining our Discord.

Here is how the home of the community looks:

Once you purchased a course and created an account on our website, you will be able to join the different groups.

  • The UUGUUL Members group is for general discussions between UUGUUL members. It includes information about upcoming feature, introducing yourself to the community or reporting issue with the website.
  • The Morin Khuur Enthusiasts group is for discussions related to the Morin Khuur courses. It includes information about upcoming courses, suggestion for new courses and Q&A related to the courses and request for a feedback on your practice.
  • The Mongol Bichig Enthusiasts group (Work In Progress) is for discussions related to the Mongol Bichig and Mongol Language courses. It includes information about upcoming courses, suggestion for new courses and Q&A related to the courses.
  • The UUGUUL VIP group is for subscribers only. It contains the premium and exclusive content of the website such as PDF of books and other interesting documents.

Here is how the inside of a group looks:

Once inside a group you well see various tab such as Feed, Discussions, Documents, and Members.

  • The Feed shows the latest update within the group, such as new discussions or update.
  • The Documents show you the list of extra files that were uploaded inside the group such as PDF.
  • The Members show the list of members inside the groups.
  • The Discussions contain the various discussion topics that are inside the group. Each topics contains their own discussions. For example see below the various topics of the UUGUUL Members group:

Once inside a topic you will be able to see the various discussions within. See below how the Members Introductions looks:

If you wish to be notified by email when a new discussion is started, you can simply subscribe. It can be a good idea to subscribe to the “Announcements” as well, for this could be considered a newsletter and help you stay up to date with the new feature coming on the website or the release of new course or heritage content.

What are the advantages of this Community?

Here are some of the features the community has to offer:

  • Keep your learning experience in the same place. Your lessons, heritage content and advices for your learning stays on the same platform.
  • Have a direct connection with your instructor.
  • Have a direct input on the next content to be released and stay informed about their release.
  • Share your progress with other enthusiasts and get useful and constructive advice in order to improve.
  • Make suggestions about what you would like to see next in the course, or on the website.

If you are really willing to push your knowledge to the next level,
this Community will be a great tool for you to improve your learning experience.

About the UUGUUL VIP

Also, note that by making a subscription you will gain access to the UUGUUL VIP group.

  • You will earn the right of direct and personalized answers (in video) for your Morin Khuur learning as well as discuss and share, in a more privileged way, with other UUGUUL VIP Members.
  • The subscription will also grant you access to sneak peaks on work in progress of the upcoming contents. This will make you part of the core people that build this community.
  • It will also give you the opportunity to makes your requests or suggestions, about the music, art or information that you would like to see next.

If you are ready to dive into your learning adventure feel free to check our list of courses.
And for any questions or need of clarifications, feel free to contact us.