Mongol Bichig and Calligraphy Olympiad

Mongol Bichig and Calligraphy Olympiad at the Choi. Lubsangjab university of language and civilization.
8th of May, 2017

Each year, my school, the Choi. Lubsangjab University of Language and Civilization organises a national competition to test students and teachers’ Mongol Bichig knowledge. I entered this competition in the high school students category and it was pretty difficult for me!
The main assessed topics were Mongol Bichig grammar, transcription and calligraphy. I actually managed to get a special price (price of sympathy for the effort) for my grades!
I’ll try to do better each year and maybe why not get in the best 3 someday!

With the director of my school Luwsanjav Soyombo, and the revered teacher Dash

With my amazing Mongol Bichig teacher Batkhuu Amgalan

With all the laureates of the olympiad

The price

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