Main Role in the Mongolian Movie Tengerees Buusan Od

Main Role in the Mongolian Movie Tengerees Buusan Od
1st of March, 2019

After a year of preparation, a few months of shooting, and two months of computer graphics work… the Mongolian movie in which I played as a main role is finally out!
I am very glad to share with you some pictures I took during the shooting as well as some of the videos that got released. All videos are in the Mongolian language.

Find below the trailer of the movie

The theme song of the movie

A making of the movie

Preparing for a scene with the Director of the movie U.Uranchimeg

On set

Preparation and rehearsal for the next scene

First day of shooting, already all beaten up (laugh)

Reference pictures for the make up

Some pictures with my make-up artist Anya

Waiting for the set to be ready for shooting

With my stuntman Batbileg Bilgee, who had to fall from a galloping horse!

Some pictures of my home in the movie

A lot of the objects in the home were really mine

I had a little companion as well

Now the home being ready we can start to film

With the crew moving to another area

During the opening ceremony

A huge poster (maybe more than 20 meters) hanged on a building close to the central post office

One alternative poster for the movie, and my solo promo poster

Two fan-art magnets made at the image of the lead actress Dulguun and me

With the choral of children of the gerelt mod scene

A short video shot while I was working on the VFX part of the movie (the gerelt mod scene)

The full gerelt mod scene

Enjoying the beautiful landscape between two scenes

The final scene of the movie

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