International Folk Art Festival in Chinggis Hot

International Folk Art Festival in Chinggis Hot
28th of July, 2017

Chinggis Hot in Hentii organised an International Folk Art Festival where many people could represent Mongol culture, ethnic group culture or their own culture. I was invited for this occasion and I performed 3 songs, 2 on Morin Khuur, and one on Morchang.
For the little story, I actually had food poisoning in the morning before the performance.. I was stuck in bed and it took all my strength to get out for the parade. Each country had to walk and show their flags. It passed and once on stage I felt better. Again a great experience and it was good to see that city again.

At the entrance of Chinggis Hot

During the festival with children who also performed

In front of the city hall

The statue of Chinggis Haan on the main square

Another view of the city entrance

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