Ih Taliin Shuranhai – Concert Dedicated to the Long Song

Ih Taliin Shuranhai – Concert Dedicated to the Long Song
26th of November, 2019

I participated in the concert “Ih Taliin Shuranhai” organised by the collective of Long Song Singers “Ono Chuulga” which I integrated a few months ago, as a Morin Khuurch.
It was a concert of around 2 hours in which I could play Morin Khuur with an ensemble of around 100 long song singers (3 pieces).
I also sang with the ensemble in 2 other pieces and even had a solo performance!

This experience was absolutely majestic and I am so grateful for all the people who participated in that concert! It was amazing!

Find below the promo of the concert

Some pictures and videos of the practice and rehearsal moments

Warm up before the performance

Before the evening big performance we also performance in the government building

We could also see some of the amazing pieces of art present there

And after the performance we each had the chance to have a picture with the President

Opening song of the concert

Some pictures of the performances

And the final song with everyone as well as a lot of children

Find below my solo performance during the concert

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