Hot Ail Cultural Miniseries on MNB

Hot Ail Cultural Miniseries on MNB
20th of July, 2015

In July 2015, an other amazing experience presented itself by MNB (Mongol National Broadcast) television!

They decided to make a miniseries, aired during the Naadam festivities, presenting the Mongol traditions and countryside life through a foreigner point of view. The casting could not have been better!
The funny thing is that I could not really understand what I was saying or what was going on around me as my language skills were not that good at that time. So the writer of the show had to whisper the text for each actions and I was just repeating it by ear!

I hope you will have as much fun as I had during the filming of this little show!
As a former vegan, some moments where we would eat meat, organs or even the head of a sheep were pretty awkward… (laugh)
Find below the 6 episodes of this miniseries or watch them directly on the Youtube playlist here!

Episode 01 – Aild Zochlov

Episode 02 – Tugal Tatsan Ni

Episode 03 – Tarag Burev

Episode 04 – Tolgoi Huihlgv

Episode 05 – Ayalsan Ni

Episode 06 – Honi Hyargav

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