First performance accompanying an Urtiin Duuchin

First performance accompanying an Urtiin Duuchin
18th of September, 2016

I was requested today to accompany an Urtiin Duuchin (Long Song singer) during a family celebration. It was the ceremony of cutting the first hair of a child. It was the first time for me to follow an Urtiin Duuchin. Before going on stage we talked a bit to agree on which song we would play. It is very common during such events that the singer and the Morin Huurch meet for the first time and just prepare the performance on the spot.
It was very interesting and we had a great time with everyone!

Preparation of the Ger for the guests

Lobby of the restaurant

Waiting for the singer to come

Warming up and quick practice before the performance

Ready to get on stage

The performance is starting

Waiting for the solo performance

Played Jonon Har with the Urtiin Duu melody of Saruul Tal

Now time to go honour other ceremonies…