Cultural Exchange and Performance in Erenhot

Cultural Exchange and Performance in Erenhot
27th of December, 2016

I was invited by the owner of a store which sells French products and especially wine. His boutique is located in Erenhot, Inner Mongolia. Erenhot is situated a few kilometers from the Mongolian border, in China.
I was asked to talk about the French food and wine culture. As it was the opening I also performed a piece on Morin Huur as it is the custom, in order to bring good omens to the place.
It was the first time walking on the soil of China and that I could travel and perform outside of Mongolia.
I hope that it is the first of a long series of international performances.
nb: You will find below some pictures taken during my short visit of Erenhot.

During the opening

With the other Morin Huurch present for the event
(we really tried to keep our eyes open but seems we couldn’t manage it – laugh)

Departure from Ulaanbaatar

Pretty comfy room

Waking up on the train

Morning coffee

Getting closer to the Mongolian border

Waiting to cross to China

After the crossing

Arriving at Erenhot train station

Checking in at the hotel

As a fan of wood carving, this looks totally fantastic

First meal on Chinese Territory.
It amazes me how the Chinese and the Mongolian writing both cohabit almost everywhere

A Buuvai songs painting in the restaurant

In the street and market of Erenhot

End of the first day

Last day before going back to Mongolia

At the border before leaving China

Finally back on Mongolian soil

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