Cooking Program Orood Garaach on MongolTV

Cooking Program Orood Garaach on MongolTV
24th of August, 2017

I got myself involved in a cooking show created by Mongol HD TV. Four persons participate. One hosts the three others and prepare a meal for them to taste and judge. The host that receive the best note wins the final prize.
It was very funny but unfortunately my language was still a bit insufficient to interact properly with my three other partners. We all had a LOT of fun during the shooting, and each of the foods were pretty good! I took a risk by doing a vegetarian menu, so I got judged pretty roughly… Mongols love their meat… (laugh).
Those videos were ripped from the Facebook live, so it freezes or loses a bit of quality sometimes. Sorry about that, I could not get better quality.

Episode 01

Episode 02

Episode 03

Episode 04

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