Celebration of the Naadam 2017

GreetingsCelebration of the Naadam 2017
11th of July, 2017

I performed on Ulaanbaatar’s Main Square (Sukhbaatar Square) in front of the government palace for the Naadam celebration. After the performance a deel competition was organised. I happened to participate without really knowing what was going on at the time, and the funny thing is that I won the first prize – Most handsome foreigner with a deel – (laugh).
I share with you also some pictures of my time at the horse race place. It is always with great emotion that I watch the first horse arrive on the finishing line!

View of the stage from the public side

With some participants of the deel competition

With the deel competition prize

With all the winners

Walking to the finishing line of the horse race

Some TV present there used the opportunity to ask a few questions on how the Naadam is going this year

Talking with one of the greatest Hoton Biich, D.Balgan and his wife

Looking at the arrival of the first horses with deep attention

And they finally arrive

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