Asia Folk Festival 2019

Asia Folk Festival

I participated in the Asian Folk Festival this year, in the solo of traditional music category and I actually managed to get the 3rd place!
It was a pretty amazing experience, and I had the chance to meet with a lot of incredible artists from all around Asia, and of course a lot from Mongolia! The performances were all very admirable (especially a Korean band which I don’t remember the name… I was so absorbed by their performance that I did not take a single picture…)

Anyway it was a very fine event. I wish to get to see more festival and competition like it in the future. And why not compete again with other musicians!

My pass for the competition

Some pictures of the opening ceremony

After the opening ceremony every participant of the competition walked to present themselves to the public

After the cortege I could talk and share some music and Bii with an artist from Western Mongolia

Some of the other performances
(I was quite captivated and I did not take too many pictures…)

The Awards ceremony

Awards part 01

Awards part 02

With the first prize winner

The festival is now at its end

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