The UUGUUL DISCORD SERVER was created in order to share our passion all together.

We wish for the DISCORD server to be as constructive as possible and to be a great source of knowledge for any person who want to learn more about the Ancestral Mongol Arts and Culture.

What is Discord?

Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app that is used by tens of millions of people to talk and hang out with their communities and friends.

The various part of the server

The server is composed of four main categories, which contains various channels:

  1. The OPEN SPACE is visible to everyone and is the main area for people to discuss.
    It contains the main chat, the introductions and showcase of members, a channel to share our crafts as well as world music and a channel for meme.
  2. The HERITAGE is visible to everyone but only people who introduced themselves can write in it.
    It contains various cultural channel such as morin khuur, urtiin duu, bii, tuuli, magtaal, tovshuur, hoomei, language, mongol-script, calligraphy, history and culture.
  3. The UUGUUL COMMUNITY is only available to people who either bought an instrument, an outfit or goods on the website and people who are following our courses.
    It is the area where people who follow courses can discuss as well as ask for help to solve potential issues with their learning, or ask for feedback on their practice or playing. This area also contains a channel where we share modern Mongol music score as well as a channel dedicated to learn the Mongol language.
    This category can be considered as an extension of the course provided on this website.
  4. The JOURNEY is only available to people with an account on the website. It is an extension of the Journey feature (gamification of the website).

Why do we use Discord?

First of all, Discord is completely free to use. All you need to do is register on their website by creating a free account. Then, you will have access to almost all the features that are on the platform.

Secondly, Discord servers are organized into topic-based channels where we can collaborate, share, or just talk about our day without clogging up a group chat. It makes it very efficient and organized to share various type of content.
For example, we have the general chat where we talk about anything, and a channel dedicated to instrument making, where the members share their craftmanship or ask for advices.
Also, we have channels dedicated to the Morin Khuur, Urtiin Duu, Bii, and so on. So we can easily find related contents on the community.

Thirdly, Discord is growing and more and more communities use it. Communities created are known as Servers on Discord.
Once you are on Discord, you will be able to join other servers that might relate to topics that you have interest in.
For example, if you want to learn Khoomei, then you will be able to join a server about the Khoomei, and so on. You can join up to a hundred servers on Discord without paying a penny and might even create your own server, which would talk about your passion.

Discord is simply the perfect communication platform for us
to share about the various cultural topics.

Why should you join us on Discord?

Here are some of the features the community has to offer:

  • Stay in touch with Uuguul and get all the latest news and update. Indeed we use Discord to share our updates and releases.
  • Share your passion for the Morin Khuur, language, singing, and more with others passionate and enthusiasts people.
  • Use the dedicated channel to push your learning experience further by sharing your practice and ask for personalized advices.
  • Converse with the community about history, language, music or others subjects.
  • Discover new world and ancestral arts and cultures.
  • Discuss in a more relaxed way with other UUGUUL Enthusiasts or Customers in the restricted Community area.