The font CMS_uuguulBAMBAR /Classical Mongol script/ was created to easily share text in Mongol script on this website. The idea was to design a font that would look smooth (almost handwritten), and be comfortable to read. This font was created by getting inspiration mostly from the broad nib pen writing while also including some ideas and principles coming from the brush writing.

The font is still currently in test and will be soon available for download.

Meaning of the name

The word Bambar /Бамбар/ means flame or torch. This name was chosen to illustrate the shape used for the титэм (crown) glyph which is the first character of the alphabet as well as the first letter that we learn to write. The idea behind the torch is to bring light in the darkness and can be a symbol of first step or discovery of the unknown. Thus the font Bambar, just like the torch, can be seen as a support to take the first step into learning the Mongol script. In addition, the flame or the fire is a strong symbol of warmth, cosiness and comfort.
In the Mongol language, Bambar can also refer to a baby tiger which gives a sense of cuteness (on a funny note, its creator being from the year of the tiger this font can be seen as his little cub). Indeed the font Bambar was designed to serve kids as well as people that are starting to learn the Mongol script in order to provide comfort and pleasure while reading and thus motivation to pursue the learning, growing from new student /baby tiger/ to a fluent Mongol script user /wise and strong tiger/.

Table of characters

Lowercase – Minuscule

Capitals – Majuscule

Special characters

You can see some examples of its use here.

Particularity of CMs_uuguulBAMBAR

The main particularity of our Bambar compared to the existing fonts (CMs Ulaanbaatar, CMs Huree, etc…) is to provide a clean connection between letters as well as give a feel of organic hand writing. Special characters were added to avoid extra spaces or addition of нуруу that are unnecessary.
For example: (CMs_uuguulBambar; CMs_Ulaanbaatar; CMs_Huree)

Special characters and how to use them

The long титэм (crown) F is used for weak /feminine/ words while the short one f is used for strong /masculine/ words.

Short шилбэ – î (mostly used after a гэдэс on the initial syllable of a weak /feminine, front/ word).

Энхлэг /дунд/ – é
Энхлэг + гэдэс /дунд/ – è
Энхлэг + гэдэс /дунд/ – ê
Short энхлэг /адаг/ç

Адаг хо, хө, ху, хү – ô
Адаг бо, бө, бу, бү – Ô
Адаг гэдэс not followed by the нуруу – õ
Эхэн гэдэс used for the харьяалахын нөхцөл ун, үн – Õ

Distant м – x (while preceding a х or б)
Distant л – ; (while following a х, б)
Distant л – W (while following a х, б + гэдэс)


  • version 2.022023.01.04
    – Adjustment of the thickness of и and я character.
  • version 2.012022.12.26
    – Addition of a half sized space.
    – Adjustment of the thickness of the орхиц and сүүл based characters.
    – Adjustment of the number size to ease the reading.
  • version 2.002022.12.24
    – Addition of the numbers.
    – Adjustment of the font name from “CMsUUGUULBambar” to “CMs uuguul BAMBAR” to be consistant with other CMs fonts.
  • version 1.042022.12.12
    – Resize and rescale for Word compatibility.
    – Adjustment of a few letter to optimize readability.
  • version 1.032022.12.11
    – Adjustment of the point for letters Н, Г, Ш.
    – Adjustment of the letters Л, ЛЛ, МЛ, М.
  • version 1.022022.12.10
    – Addition of a special character for the Д дунд that touch the following гэдэс.
    – Addition of special characters for энхлэг нг + х; нг + х + гэдэс /дунд/; нг + х + гэдэс /адаг/.
    – Addition of special character мл, double л, distant л and distant м (used when they are preceded or followed by a х, б or х + гэдэс, б + гэдэс).
    – Addition of special character гэдэс not followed by нуруу.
    – Addition of comma and period.
    – Removal of extra нуруу part for better connection.
    – Adjustment of the shape of the шилбэ that connect with б, and х for more smooth connection.
  • version 1.012022.12.09
    – Addition of a character for the б, ч, ц, ж, я, в characters’ initial position.
    – Adjustment of size, thickness and spacing of the main Mongol Characters.
    – Adjustment of the connecting coordinate of the glyphs to improve smoothness and link between each characters.
  • version 1.002022.12.04
    – Compilation of the main Mongol Characters.