UUGUUL was originally founded by Steve E. MOREL as a cultural center in March 2019, and was located in the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar.

The word UUGUUL can be translated by Original as in initial or even Ancestral or Native.

To bring the cultural exchange further, the center gradually transformed into this website, including culture heritage articles, a community and a learning platform.
The goal being to promote and contribute into preserving the ancestral art and culture of Mongolia. The Morin Khuur, the Mongol language, as well as Mongol history and ancestral art and music are at the core of this goal!

Meet the people behind UUGUUL

Steve E. Morel

Master in Mongol Studies (Master Degree) since 2022.
Specialist in Mongol Language and Literature (Bachelor of Arts) since 2020.
Teaching Morin Khuur since 2016.
Researcher in traditional Mongol art (Morin Khuur, Bii Biyelgee, Urtiin Duu, Calligraphy, Morin Khuur crafting, leather crafting, seal sculpting…) since 2014.
Psychology and non-violent communication studies since 2013.
Professional in CGI industry (Direction, Photography, VFX) since 2003.
Numerous lectures about traditions, consciousness, ecology in school, interviews and TV shows.

Jargalsaikhan Gaanjuursuren

Doctor (Ph.D) in Mongol linguistics, Mongol script.
Teacher of Mongol language (Cyrillic and Uyghur).
Lecturer (Mongol history, civilization and ethnicities) since 2001.
Teacher of History, Linguistics and Ethnicities since 1997.
Numerous publications about Mongol ethnicities and history.


UUGUUL is proud to partner with EGSHIGLEN MAGNAI, which manufactures over 30 different musical instruments divided into four types such as stringed, bowed, whipping and blowing instruments.

Below you will see people who contribute and support the UUGUUL adventure!


S. Bouzhigmaa is an ethnomusicologist, musician and cultural event manager.
Her main field of research is Mongol epic poems and folk songs.
She plays morin khuur, violoncello and piano, and has done numerous international musical collaborations.
She also makes crochet dolls and roller dances as a hobby.


M. Samuel is a French musician and jaw harp (aman khuur) maker. He plays and teaches khöömiimorin khuur, tsuur flute, and jawharp.
He promotes the Mongol and central Asian cultures in his concerts and workshops, and by supplying musical instruments, as well as ritual and cultural items from Mongolia.


B. Altantuya is a renowned calligrapher, textologist (text linguist) and ancestral language researcher.
She is a fervent activist for the diffusion and transmission of the Mongol script.
She also teaches calligraphy and recently released a self-learning method for Mongol Script.

Laura G. Wahba

Laura G, Wahba has been interested in folk music and traditional culture since childhood. Laura also has a life-long interest in writing and literature and has taught English as a second language since 1991.
It was through this profession that she first encountered Mongol music and culture and decided to contribute in its preservation and diffusion.


B. Gantsetseg is a renowned artist and painter who specialised in traditional Mongol, and Buddhist painting since 1992.
She also created a variety of art pieces from leather. In 2006, she spent 6 months in China to exhibit in Alasha.
She made multiple solo exhibitions in Mongolia as well as in Europe, in collaboration with R. Lkhagvarentsen.


R. Lkhagvarentsen is a renowned painter who specialised in traditional Mongol, and Buddhist painting since 1992.
He taught at the Buddhist University in Budapest, Hungary from 1998 to 2000.
He made multiple solo exhibitions in Mongolia as well as in Europe, in collaboration with B. Gantsetseg.

Some of Our Creations

Feel free to visit our shop to purchase our art pieces or check out the contribute page to help support UUGUUL.

Note that our stock of original and unique creations might vary and some items might not be available at time.